About The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert:

"Throughout the past few years my family and I have thanked God for the prayers offered on our behalf by the valiant prayer warriors of The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert. We will never return America to its Godly heritage without His grace, and without the strong shield He extends in our defense when we turn our hearts to Him in prayer. The Prayer Alert truly fights on the most critical battlefield of the struggle to save our nation's soul."

Ambassador Alan Keyes
Chairman, The Declaration Foundation

"People always say, 'What can we do about these terrible situations?' But, of course, what you can do is to pray and The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert is the best way to find out what most needs our prayers."

Paul M. Weyrich
Founder & President
Free Congress Foundation

"I heartily endorse the ministry of Harry Valentine and The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert. When small numbers of people agree together in prayer according to God's will, His power is released and great things are accomplished."

Dr. B.J. Willhite, President
The National Prayer Embassy

"The band of watchmen who compile The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert are living out the scriptural mandates of Mark 13:33 and Matthew 6:10. The Prayer Alerts are a tremendous asset and help praying churches and believers across the nation. Cutting through the rhetoric and confusion of Washington, D.C., and the media, these Alerts get to the heart of strategic matters, present a biblical focus and help Christians pray in agreement."

Gary Bergel, President
Intercessors for America

"The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert is for true prayer warriors. The brethren at CHPA are coordinating and mobilizing the Green Berets of prayer activists all over the nation. When a critical prayer need is emerging from Washington, D.C., and the national media outlets are ignoring or distorting the situation, the CHPA is there with a Biblical view of the ordeal, and a clarion call to united prayer. I love what they're doing!"

Rev. Lou Sheldon, Chairman
Traditional Values Coalition