America Ripe for judgment!
Will Red China be God's Tool?

If you ever forget the LORD your God and follow other gods you will surely be destroyed. Like the nations the LORD destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed for not obeying the LORD your God (Dt 8:19-20).

     The collision of a Red Chinese fighter jet with a US Navy surveillance plane and the tense standoff that followed was a wake-up call for America. Chinese provocations of US ships and aircraft have become routine. While US diplomats "negotiated" the release of our hostage crew, Red China's President, Jiang Zemin, was in our hemisphere forging and strengthening military and economic alliances with our Latin American neighbors. Red China's leaders have convinced the Chinese people that an "imperialist" U.S, bent on world dominion, is China's #1 enemy. The People's Republic of China (PRC) is expanding its military capability with alarming speed and caliber while simultaneously constructing a powerful international, anti-American axis that could militarily neutralize or even defeat our powerful but declining nation. Some experts believe China's ambitions are limited to gaining undisputed control of the Asian Pacific, others that China's old-line Marxist leaders have a strategy for world dominion. The US stands in the way of both.

     Military leaders in China and the US believe armed conflict between our nations over Taiwan is inevitable, some believe imminent. We must be prepared. But, more important, we must ask, "Does God intend to use a war with Red China to judge America?"

The U.S. is Financing China's Military Expansion

1. U.S. cash & technology have enabled China to become a World power "overnight."

Our $84 billion annual trade deficit with China has gotten the American people a glut of cheap consumer goods. In return, China has gotten American aircraft & equipment, supercomputers, state-of-the-art telecommunication systems, high tech engines, electrical machinery & apparatus and other things it needs to rapidly build its infrastructure and become a powerful economic and military force. Western capital, via loans, investment, economic assistance and the trade surplus, has helped China finance an enormous, military buildup.

     Intensive spy efforts, the lifting of U.S. export controls on supercomputers, "dual use" missile and other high-level technology during the Clinton years enabled China to leapfrog two generations of military technology. Clinton-initiated US-China military exchanges have been a boon for the People's Liberation Army (PLA). China now has the neutron bomb, made from stolen US blueprints.

     With a military budget due to increase by 17% this year, China is developing a world-class navy, state-of-the-art anti-satellite, information, electronic and space-based warfare systems, and medium and long-range ballistic missiles that can target American bases in the Pacific and the entire continental United States.

     Russia has been selling China high performance jet fighters, submarines, destroyers, anti-ship missiles and other modern super-weapons. One new "supersonic" torpedo, the Shkvall, poses an unthinkable threat to our Pacific fleet. Armed with nuclear warheads and able to travel at speeds over 300 mph under water, a single strike will decimate an entire American aircraft carrier. We have no match for and no defense against this weapon (see http://www.nytimes.com/2000/12/01/world/01RUSS.html).

     The Red Chinese have created a fifth branch to their military to conduct "irregular warfare." It includes an army of computer and internet hackers now preparing to paralyze the high tech strength of the US and our allies through attacks on military, economic, and government computer information systems.

2. America's Love of Money blinds us to China's quest for military mastery.

Bill Clinton treasonously abandoned the strategic interests of our nation and his God-given responsibility to defend the American people in exchange for contributions from American and foreign businessmen with a vested interest in US-Red China trade. Clinton is gone but Washington remains awash in China-related cash. Trade with the Chinese has blinded even the eyes of many Republicans. "Powerful forces within the conservative movement no longer see China as a moral enemy; they see it as an economic opportunitythe lure of the Chinese market has eroded the right's appetite for moral combat [the evidence of such compromise serves] as a parable-not of the arrogance of totalitarian China but of the moral corruption of the movement that should be its most formidable foe" (John Judis, The New Republic, 4/12/01, http://www.tnr.com/042301/judis042301_print.html ).

     Americans once so valued freedom they would die for others to enjoy it, but we now gobble up consumer goods manufactured by Chinese slave laborers, unconcerned that their communist masters will gladly make slaves of us if they can acquire the power to do so. Scripture warns, "The love of money is the root of all evil" (1 Tim 6:10).

3. While seeking Asian dominion, China is acquiring strategic footholds in the West.

Chinese President Jiang Zemin's tour of Latin America went almost unnoticed in the shadow of the China-US standoff over the downed Navy spy plane and its crew. The Miami Herald wrote that from Chile to Brazil to Venezuela to Cuba, "China is flexing its muscles in the early stages of what many military and intelligence analysts say is a plan to challenge the United States politically and strategically in its own backyard" (4/15/01).

     Speaking to his Latin audiences in Spanish, Jiang repeatedly referred to the China-Latin America "strategic partnership" as part of a China-led "new world order." China now has or is developing satellite tracking stations in Brazil, electronic espionage stations in Cuba, an air-force partnership with Venezuela (including the sale of Chinese fighter jets and joint production of military transport planes), petroleum sites in Venezuela and Peru, and copper mines in Chile. China now controls major ports in the Bahamas and both ends of the Panama Canal (China Reform Monitor, 4/25/01, www.afpc.org/crm/crm378.htm).

     Jiang's "partnership" language while abroad belies China's aggressive behavior toward its own regional neighbors: the armed takeover of a Filipino island, intervention in Indonesia, intimidation of Vietnam, and incessant threats of annihilation against their Taiwanese brothers, to name just a few.

4. The new anti-American China-Russia Axis poses a major threat to the U.S.

The Russians received billions in U.S aid during the 90's. But Russia now has thousands of nuclear warheads targeting the US, is rapidly modernizing its sea and land-based ICBM missiles and is developing remarkable new weapons systems. Under former KGB-agent Vladimir Putin, Russia has dropped its Clinton-era pretense of being an American partner.
The "strategic cooperative partnership" agreement, to be signed by Russia and China in July (effectively already in force), has forever altered the world's balance of power. Russia and China each have strategic alliances with an assortment of "rogue" states: North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela and others. Together these nations are forming a "New Axis."

5. The U.S. is NOT prepared for the inevitable clash with Red China over Taiwan.

General Zhang Wannian, a senior Chinese military leader, publicly stated, "It is inevitable that a war will break out over the Taiwan Strait during the coming Five-Year-Plan [2001 to 2005]" (China Reform Monitor, 11/28/2000). China has 300 short-range missiles aimed at Taiwan from a multi-base battery located immediately across the Taiwan Straight. Taiwan has less than 8 minutes to respond to any such missile attack. Without the Aegis radar systems denied by the new Bush Administration, Taiwan has no realistic means or hope of defense.
With no missile defense system in place, the US is hardly any better off. China, whose present submarine fleet numbers sixty vessels, is building 6 new subs capable of simultaneously launching 576 nuclear missiles, armed with 3-6 independently targeted multiple warheads (MIRVs), with a range of 5000 miles. With these subs and missiles, China could destroy targets across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States within a matter of minutes (China Reform Monitor, 2/6/01).

     Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Nixon, and advisor to 7 presidents, now warns that China is planning to go to war with the US within the next two years. If, when China moves on Taiwan, we come to her rescue, as President Bush has said we will, it will mean all out war with Red China and perhaps other enemies in the New Axis. If we do not act, our credibility as a world leader will be forever shattered.

The Challenge for President Bush & The Congress

     Tell the Truth - The American people should be prepared for the inevitable war with Red China. China's leaders regularly subject their people to inflaming anti-American rhetoric. The US government plays down the China threat, while practicing a policy of appeasement. George Bush must tell the American people the truth about Chinese belligerence. China's aggressive behavior toward its closest neighbors foretokens the larger threat they pose to the world. Our churches need to be warned. The American people need to be awakened. Only the Truth will make and keep us free! (2 Th 2:10)

A Strong U.S. Military - President Bush must now rebuild our military might, intentionally cut in half during the past ten years in the false belief that "a threat no longer exists." Every aspect of our defense system must be repaired or rebuilt, from bottom up. A missile defense system to protect the American people from incoming ballistic missiles must be begun immediately.

A Comprehensive China Policy - The Red Chinese are strategic thinkers. They have an adroit, holistic plan for economic and military expansion. Americans compartmentalize, believing we can separate trade from military competition while the Red Chinese pursue their strategic goals in every aspect of our relationship. The problem our Asian allies now face is not Red China, but a lack of US leadership. If America continues to blink, as we did by denying Taiwan essential, Aegis-equipped ships, our longtime friends (South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and even Taiwan) will have no choice but to hedge their bets and compromise with Red China.

A Righteous China Policy - Above all, America must have a righteous China policy. While national defense is every civil government's God-ordained charge, the overriding emphasis of Scripture is not military strength, but righteousness - right standing with God (Is 31:1).

     The US is at a critical crossroad. If we are to be the righteous world leader God called us to be, we must unequivocally stand for truth and righteousness. We cannot grant China "most favored" trade status and pour our wealth into her coffers while her leaders force abortions upon millions of young Chinese mothers, murder and imprison Christians because of their faith and routinely murder political dissidents and harvest and sell their body parts. We cannot immorally participate in making slave-laborers of the Chinese people. We cannot bless China while she militarily bullies her neighbors and provokes our military men and women around the world. Ronald Reagan rightly called the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire." Reagan was not willing for America to appease that evil, peacefully coexist with it, or even be satisfied to slow its growth. Rather, he was determined to roll back the evil. Our rhetoric and actions must never serve to lend moral credibility to an antichrist, totalitarian, communist system (Pr 24:24-25; Is 5:20).

     Neither can we continue to tolerate treachery within, especially among civil servants charged with our nation's defense. Those who treasonously compromise our security interests, such as took place in a wholesale manner during the Clinton administration, should be held fully accountable. God's special warning to "watchmen" applies to both natural and spiritual watchmen (Ez 33:2-4).

The Challenge for the Church

     Scripture makes abundantly clear that the threat and outcome of wars are in the hands of the Sovereign God of the Universe. It is He who raises up and puts down nations (Job 12:23; Ps 9:17; Is 14:26-27; 40:15-18). In His eyes, the American Church's repentance, and America's spiritual and moral readiness are even more important than our nation' military readiness. In His righteous order, God raises up wicked, barbarian nations to punish nations he has targeted for judgment.

     America is under judgment because of the sins of the Church. This, not China, not George Bush's leadership, not the cutting edge of our weapons systems, is the crux of the matter. The question is, "Is God intent upon punishing us?" God can intervene to preserve tiny Taiwan and us from the ever more-menacing Chinese threat. But as an apostate Christian nation, America is ripe for destruction. Defeat, humiliation and abuse by alien armies are on the progressive list of judgments God promises to bring upon nations that have turned from Him (Dt 8:all; 28:15ff; Ps 9:17).

The American church does not know how to repent; we have so thoroughly forsaken God and his Word. Our land is filled with abortion bloodshed and brazen homosexuality and our churches are too dull, tired, and weak, even to denounce these "abominations." Some churches even defend them. Our very best churches seem to have been neutralized by the declining culture around us. Confused and ashamed of God and His Word, we have tried to reach our lost neighbors by becoming like them, but have succeeded only in being them. Repentance and revival in the Church must precede awakening in America. Without such repentance, we can have no Scriptural assurance that God will be with our armies or preserve us from our enemies (2 Chr 7:14; Is 56). Rather, Scripture warns us of judgment to come (Heb 10:26-31).

We Must Pray Fervently for Christian Awakening in America and in China.
Ronald Reagan's firmness and communism's bankruptcy led to the ultimate downfall of the USSR. Though not politically minded, a vital, underground church thrives in China today. China's leaders will ultimately be forced to loosen their totalitarian grip if Christianity and a hunger for democracy continue to grow among the Chinese people. God is in control. But will America have the spiritual strength to do her part? The issue for us remains REPENTANCE!

Part of our repentance must include a genuine love and concern for the salvation of the Chinese people. We seem to be facing an inevitable war with China over Taiwan. The only thing that will prevent this war is God's intervention. Christians in America must: 1) seek God for repentance in the Church (We must wake up, get serious, spread the Word, preach the Bible and turn from our frivolity and worldliness); 2) diligently pray for our president and Congress; 3) pray for Christian awakening in the United States and 4) And pray for an invasion of the Holy Spirit in China, both in Taiwan and the Mainland.

Please Join Us in Repentant, Believing Prayer:

  • Heavenly Father, grant President Bush, our military leaders & diplomats WISDOM & COURAGE to deal aright with Red China. OPEN our leaders' eyes, and CAUSE them to effectively rebuild our nation's defense system (1 Chr 12:32-332 Chr 32:7-8; Neh 5:14; Ez 33:1-6; Pr 8:8-9; Ps 119:18, 36, 136; Mt 22:29).
  • VISIT Your Church in America with TRUE REPENTANCE & Help us whole-heartedly to return to You. Have MERCY & AVERT an otherwise inevitable war (Ps 80:7-19; 85:4-7; Is 60:1-12; 61:1, 11; Jer 4:1-4; Rev 3:15-20).