Sound the Trumpet Ministries Inc. , a "Watchman" ministry to the Body of Christ, was founded in 1991 by Harry Valentine in the heat of the Senate battle to confirm Clarence Thomas' appointment to the Supreme Court. Converted to Christ in 1981, Harry moved to Washington in 1989 to prophesy actively against the wicked 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision which has resulted in the wholesale slaughter of over 30,000,000 young Americans. Mr. Valentine devoted his early days in Washington to picketing in front of the Supreme Court. He spent evenings publishing pro-life tracts to distribute to thousands of daily Court visitors.

Once in Washington Harry developed relationships with other pro-life, pro-family leaders and identified closely with the National Prayer Embassy, organized by Rev. B. J. Willhite. Years of Christian activism and study convinced Harry that if the conditions of 2 Chr 7:14 are not met by God's people, America will be destroyed by the very God who formerly blessed it (Dt 28:all). During that season, Harry devoted much time to Bible study and individual and group prayer. While Harry conducted his prophetic "watchman" ministry he received requests for reports about what was "really happening" in Washington, D.C. from acquaintances across America. Believing the Clarence Thomas confirmation was a "must win" battle in our nation's spiritual/cultural war, Harry enjoined the battle with prayer and by faxing and mailing frequent "Alerts" to friends who also prayed day and night against the "principalities and powers" trying to destroy Thomas.

Thomas was confirmed and "The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert" was born. Since then STTM has faxed and mailed hundreds of thousands of Alerts to praying Christians around the globe. During this period America has seen miracles in Washington. The 1994 demise of the pro-abortion Clinton Health Care Plan and the Republican revolution in Congress and America's state houses are cases in point. God's "whirlwind" has been loosed (Jer 23:19-20). As God's people co-labor in prayer with Him, we'll see more!

STTM Staff Biographical Data:

  • Harry Valentine - Publisher - Born 1935, reared in Philadelphia; graduate: Yale (B.A. 1957; M.Div., 1985) & NYU (MA, 1965); converted to Christ in 1981; founder: The Churchill School (for children with learning disabilities in Manhattan, NYC); prayer advisor to Alan Keyes' 1996 presidential campaign; former owner: Oklahoma City 89'ers, Daytona Beach Astros; executive committee: The Alliance for Revival & Reformation; member: Council for National Policy; married, 3 children - the youngest homeschooled.

  • Pierre Bynum, Jr. - Editor/Writer, CHPA - Born 1948, Washington, D.C.; attended P.G.C.C., U.of MD, Washington Bible College, New Life Bible Inst., Christian International College (Th. B. 1989); born again 1970; pastor in D.C.area since 1978; assoc. pastor: Waldorf Christian Assembly, former president: Family Protection Lobby; founder & director, emeritus: Pro-Life Action Churches of MD, founder: The Catherine Foundation (CPC), secretary: The Alliance for Revival & Reformation; married: 1974 to Christina Kraatz, 4 homeschooled children.

  • Gretchen Trump - Ministry Coordinator -Born & reared as a Methodist in Indiana; received Christ as child; many years in local church prayer ministry leadership; prayer counselor-coordinator: CBN Washington regional 1987-1997; project coordinator: "Enough is Enough!" (national anti-pornography campaign); assistant: "Women of Faith" prayer conference; advisory board member: Scepter of Favor Ministries (ministry to leadership women); married over 25 years, three grown children, youngest homeschooled.

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