February 6, 2008

Are Democrats and Their Candidates 'Traitors'?

“Woe to you, O traitor” (Is 33:1)

“But the king of Assyria discovered that Hoshea was a traitor… Therefore Shalmaneser seized him and put him in prison.” (2 Kings 17:4; see also: Neh 13:4)

It is not always difficult to detect TRAITORS, especially when they are in full view as they cast their votes in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Democrats (including candidates Obama and Clinton) have shown again that they did not mean it when they promised to PROTECT you and me from terrorist (read jihadist) attacks.

“Harry, how can you say that with such certainty?” you may ask.

My answer: “Read the excerpts below regarding the renewal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Democrats do not want to allow this to be renewed, thereby emasculating our intelligence operations.

You may wonder why elected Americans would continuously block this very important legislation. Here are a few educated guesses:


Campaign for Working Families
Caroline Glick
Center for Security Policy
Christian Worldview Network
CNS News and Commentary
Daniel Pipes
Diana West
Faith and Action
Family Security Matters
Front Page Magazine
Horowitz Freedom Center
Human Events
IFA – Intercessors for America
Jihad Watch
Michelle Malkin
Operation Rescue
Opinion Journal
Washington Times Commentary
World Net Daily

1. Democrats do not take this War seriously;
2. Democrats are basically anti-war pacifists;
3. Democrats are against everything President Bush proposes;
4. Democrats are controlled by a group of significant leftist organizations; in this case MoveOn.com, the ACLU and trial lawyers;
5. Trial Lawyers do not favor the protection granted to telecommunication companies; they want to SUE them!

According to a Heritage Foundation memo, this behavior of the Democrats is “to the detriment of national security”. If their politics encourage our sworn enemies (people who intend to murder as many of us as possible), are these “leaders” not committing “treason” (Webster: “betraying one's country”)?

Here are some excerpts to help you understand this matter:

From the Heritage Foundation:

“The Senate is on the verge of passing legislation to extend the important intelligence surveillance authorities of the Protect America Act, passed six months ago. Those authorities, set to expire on February 1, allow the intelligence services to conduct surveillance of communications between persons located outside of the United States when the communications happen to pass through domestic networks. Without this fix, approving such intercepts of solely international communicants would become an even lengthier and more onerous process-one never intended even by the Congress that passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)-to the great detriment of national security.

“In addition, the Senate legislation grants retroactive immunity to telecom providers that, in good faith, worked with the government in its surveillance programs, a fair and crucial step to encourage future cooperation on security matters.”
Entire memo: The Intelligence Community Needs Clear - and Permanent - FISA Reform
From Human Events:
“Republican Senate leaders fell well short of the 60 votes needed to end debate on the bipartisan Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act bill…”

“Democrats are still playing chicken with national security.”

“[T]hese Democrats… are willing to deprive our intelligence gatherers of the ability they now have to disrupt terrorist attacks, prevent terrorists from entering the US and discover terrorists' disguises. Those are actions we usually associate with enemies and their agents, not allies or fellow Americans.”
Entire article: FISA Cloture Vote Failed Monday

[Last Wednesday, Congress avoided killing FISA by passing a pathetic 15 day extension which will expire next week.]
How do we PRAY?
1. REPENT! As Christians we are all responsible for the deterioration of our culture (see my last Alert of Feb 1 - Dan 9: 4f);
2. Ask the Lord to CONVICT these politicians of their wicked ways (Hab 1: 12-13);

Harry Valentine, CHPA Founder/Publisher

© 2007, The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert Foundation Inc.