"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Reclaiming the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ

Yet I have set My King On My holy hill of Zion... Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, And rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, And you perish in the way, When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him (Ps 2:6-12).

[Editor's note: the following are excerpts from The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert's newest edition of the Washington Insider Report. If you would like a printed copy of the full publication, and CHPA doesn't have your street address, just send us your name and street address.]

"When then-Senator John Ashcroft (MO-R) spoke at Bob Jones University in May of 1999, his speech attracted little attention... [His] theme was "No King but King Jesus!" Later, after liberal Senate Democrats tried "borking" [his nomination as U.S. Attorney General] with protracted confirmation hearings, they exacted from [Ashcroft] an unholy pledge in which he repeatedly promised he would enforce the laws of the land (i.e., re. abortion, homosexuality, etc.) even though they may contradict his faith.

"This is the epochal crossroads at which every Christian in America now finds himself. Will we adjust our faith to get along with an increasingly anti-Christ government and culture? Or will we now dispense with our distorted, compromised, "me-centered" American gospel and obey and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God? Will we boldly declare the Crown Rights of our Lord Jesus Christ over the Church, the nation, and all the nations? Or will we continue to compromise and slobber and beg and plead with wicked, petty tyrants to please accept us - on their terms, to grant us a seat at the table and even cut us a portion of the welfare pie to help run our ministries?

"If God is to grant America another Great Awakening, Christians must repent and unbendingly, boldly proclaim "Jesus is Lord"... Christ's rule must be preached as it pertains to every area of American life, including law and government. Our prayers, like those of the early church (see Ps 2; Acts 4:23-33), must recognize Christ's authority and the Church's mandate to proclaim it. Our appointed task is to call America and every American to submit to Christ as King!... "

Please Join us in Bold, Believing Prayer:

**Lord, Reveal Yourself Afresh to Your Church in America. Let us see You as You are: the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, in all your splendor and glory. You are King of our nation & all the nations.

**Grant Your People new unction to Proclaim Your Crown Rights over America and the nations. In Jesus' Name. Amen (Dt 10:14-17; 1 Chr 16:23-31; 29:11-12; Ps 29:all; 145:all; Is 6:1-3; Acts 4:24-31; 1 Tim 6:12-16; 1 Jn 3:2-7; Rev 17:14; 19:11-16).

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